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All the Security Personnel are highly trained and observed by our qualified and experienced Training Officers, all the Security Personnel are provided sufficient in-house and assignments training prior to deployment for the duty, the Training are conducted as follows:

  • At least 80 hours in-house training by our qualified and experienced training officer.

  • 05 days / 40 hours training at approved training center by Ministry of Interior General Guards Dept. and all the Security Personnel must undergo with the examination and secured the required pass mark.

  • At least 03 days to 07 days Assignment Training at the assignment where they are going to perform the duties.

Apart from the above Training, refresh training are being carried out on a frequent basis and Mobile Supervisors are visiting the assignment to make sure that the Security Personnel are aware of the assignment instructions and performing duties up to the required standard and up the expectation of the client.

Rules and regulations governing the normal duties of the Security Guard with this company are provided to each employee and in addition, special procedures required at assigned posts are carefully explained.

Our current recruitment and training programmes are designed and compiled with the requirement of the Ministry of Interior General Guards Dept. and all Security Personnel are given sufficient training prior to deployment for duties.


We provide complete Security Guarding Services for 24 hours a day / 07 days per week. We have a Base called Central Control Room and our Duty Officers will be available for 24 hours duty shift. Mobile Supervisors are allocated area wise for day and night. Both shifts visit the assignment immediately if required. Other Senior Security Supervisors and Operations Supervisors are in standby for any assistance required at the assignment