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Each of clients are visited by our Operations Manager or Operations Coordinator at least twice per week to ensure compliance with their instructions..

Two way portable radios are provided by our company to facilitate communication within our operations.

Our security officers are trained to follow and execute the instructions of our clients, in keeping with their corporate objectives.

All the expenses for the Security Personnel i.e. Accommodation, transportation, complete set of uniform shall be under our company and necessary equipment shall be provided to the Security Personnel to carry out the duties.

Al Sraiya Security Services offers you the best Security Services as per your expectation with a very reasonable price.

The Security Guards shall be detailed for 12 hours duty shift for seven days coverage. The reliever guard during their day off shall be provided by the company with no any additional cost.

All the Security Guards shall be wearing a complete set of uniform as per the requirement and necessary equipment shall be provided to execute the services.

Supporting facilities from our Base shall be provided for 24 hours a day and 07 days per week; the entire Supervisory unit shall be standby in case of any emergency.

All the Security Guards shall be presented for interview and after selection they will be detailed for duty at the assignment and no any Guard shall be removed or replaced without approval from the client.

Duty Roster for all the Security Guards shall be prepared with consultation of the client and no any changes shall be made without obtaining prior approval from the client.

Frequent Mobile Supervision shall be conducted at the assignment to make sure that all the guards are meeting the clients’ requirement.

Full support from our team will be provided to execute the service as per your requirement.


We provide complete Security Guarding Services for 24 hours a day / 07 days per week. We have a Base called Central Control Room and our Duty Officers will be available for 24 hours duty shift. Mobile Supervisors are allocated area wise for day and night. Both shifts visit the assignment immediately if required. Other Senior Security Supervisors and Operations Supervisors are in standby for any assistance required at the assignment